schmear campaign

These lovely little rings of heavenly dough are time consuming to be sure… but absolutely, entirely and totally worth the effort and wait. These are easily the best bagels you ...

the end all perfect pie crust

I have made pies. Many, many pies. Pies that have been complete and total failures, some that have just been meh. No one deserves to have a meh pie. Pie ...

fiery three pepper bickles

Thats right. Bickles.  I can eat an entire jar of these crunchy bastards. The step-cousin to the pickle, the pickled bean is an addictive condiment/snack/side. These are packed with a ...


Sir Kensington's Scooping Ketchup

condiment catch up

I admit it. I am a condiment junkie. Restaurants that have an ...
Best Grilled Cheese Ever

grilled cheese redux

Yesterday I slaved away at the Rosemary Italian Peasant Bread, ok well ...

capture sunshine: canning fresh corn relish

Growing up as a citizen of my parents’ whim, we moved around. ...

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Baked Acorn Squash Quiche

I don’t actually know the definition of the word quiche, but to me, this is a quiche. Although in the place of a conspicuously missing crust, we have an acorn squash. They are pretty ridiculously available this time of year although I have a feeling that they are one of those things that usually ends [...]

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sconed love

Whenever I’m in England, I have to stop at least once and have a nice cream tea. If you’ve never had a cream tea: 1. you are missing out SO MUCH, and 2: it consists of tea (obviously), scones (real scones, not those bullshit plywood triangles Starbucks sells), jam, and clotted cream (if you took [...]

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freshly peeled apples

apple of my eye: the autumn onslaught

  Eating seasonly has been an ongoing experiment in my household. Our first year with a local CSA has been awesome and overwhelming at the same time. We share the weekly bounty with another couple but even with cooking regularly and veggie-heavy, it can be overwhelming. Late spring it was greens coming out of my ears, mid-summer watermelons were [...]

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quick, this is important

Why they have meat as the last chart is something I’ll never understand.

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bayou bounty

So, let me be the first to admit that I am a true sucker for any food that can even remotely be associated with Louisiana. Actually, scratch that; I’m a true sucker for any soul food, but let’s assign it a state for the sake of this post. But why Louisiana, you ask? Because my [...]

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oh, look! there’s no wait at granville moore’s tonight…

And now I know why. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Given all the delightfully sumptuous meals on record in the past few weeks, I knew I was way overdue for a dinner of vast disappointment. This time, it was at the hands of Granville Moore’s. No more hours-long waits for a table [...]

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Italian Rosemary Peasant Bread

give your bread a dutch oven… heh

So after reading so much about using a dutch oven for making the perfect loaf I finally figured, what the hell. I have a pretty wonderful collection from Le Creuset pieces thanks to my husbands culinary themed gift giving prowess. Instead of risking damage to the knob on my dutch oven, I used the Doufeu, one [...]

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Cutting up the veggies

hashtastic breakfast

Today was the first legitimately chilly day of the season and I woke up with a jones for some comfort food. Last year, my husband bought me a set of Le Creuset Mini Cocettes for Christmas and I go to great lengths to incorporate them into meals, especially breakfast. They are perfect for shirred eggs and personal-sized [...]

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So if you’re the slightest bit privy to my personal life, you’ll know that despite my efforts to keep it real and drama-free, it ends up being less like a life and more like a sitcom most of the time. This is, for the most part, manageable, but last week, that sitcom turned and twisted [...]

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recipe for cilantro shirred eggs

comfort in a crock (for two)

It was a balmy 80 degrees today, despite October being at our doorstep. While normally a summer person, this year has been particularly brutal so I anxiously await being able to cook hearty, comforting foods again. On one of the rare cool and rainy days we had recently, I took advantage of the much longed-for weather with some [...]

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